Recently, I spent some time to overhaul my mission with Arial Starr, which is to inspire change through the choice of love.

Change can be small, personal or daily changes that we make that can lead to a broader more large scale social change..,. and love can mean so many things: self-love, family love, intimate love, love for a food or a movie, love as in the ‘opposite of hate’… so many different things.

As the Universe would have it, as I was revamping my business mission, I happened to tune in a few Sunday’s ago while Oprah hosted a Super Soul Sunday with former president Jimmy Carter. During the course of their interview, Carter covered a lot of territory ranging from how he has kept his marriage alive all these years, leaving his church, democracy versus oligarchy, and most interestingly to me, he spoke about love. Carter reminded us that in greek, there are 4 words that mean/ pertain to love, whereas in English, well, we really just have 1 word.

It spurred me to look up which four words he spoke of in the Greek language and learned the following from the Wikipedia link (click HERE if you’re interested to learn more) 

-Storge: this is used to describe love from mother or father to a child.

-Philia:  this is used to express love within a community or group, as an example ‘brotherly love’ was used in the article.

-Eros: reserved for describing passionate or sexual love

-Agape: can be used to express unconditional love felt for god or gods, universal power, etc.

As I embark on a revised business journey with Arial Starr, I am excited about the opportunity to inspire avenues of how we can decided to choose love in situations where, well, we may not have done so in the past.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

-Choosing love can mean we decide to change our inner monkey/ego brains that may normally tear us down, telling ourselves that we suck, we’re gonna crash and burn, or that everyone else is there.. why not me?

-Choosing love means stopping that though pattern and instead finding love for yourself because you ARE making a change.

-Choosing love means stop kicking your own ass because you’re not ‘there yet’.

-Choosing love may change how we treat ourselves resulting in better diets, sleep, and healthier, stronger, versions of ourselves.

-Choosing love can mean speaking up when we feel like our voices have been squelched, or innately we feel someone has been harmed.

-Choosing love may just been looking inwards and figuring out what is truly bothering us rather than snapping at your spouse, child, or loved one.

The most frustrating thing about making the change to choose love, is that sometimes, it’s the hardest choice we will make. Taking the high road to honor ourselves, our needs, our desires may not always look flashy on an instagram feed or make sense to those who have known us during different chapters of our lives.

My mom spoke perfectly to the tune of this subject this morning. She said, ‘You know, I’m remodeling my house, and it’s really hard because I spent $8200.00 and 3 days redoing the plumbing and pipes, which are now covered up underground….  But the outside of the house still looks like crap.’

I couldn’t have empathized with her more. Going through a life changing injury, trying to navigate a career change, moving through some overhauls with both my businesses does not look glamorous on the outside. My husband is going through something similar as he tries to figure out a way to make a shift in career. My friends are going through various degrees of cocoon shedding, requiring overhauls of email lists and social media sites.

Call it Mercury in retrograde, the full moon, the lunar eclipse.. whatever it may be. But this period of time where so many of us are going through major life changes requires extra attention to the tune of self love. Love yourself for making the choice the change. Don’t beat yourself up about it. When you feel yourself ripping apart some of the changes you are working on, stop, and realize that you are making changes. Do the work, be YOU, and the paint and the trim around the windows will be an easier thing to figure out at the end after laying your plumbing and foundation.

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