Mission: Arial Starr's mission is to create change through the choice of love. 

Vision: Lead with Love. Empower inclusion and celebrate humanity via creative and written expression. Create a safe environment that promotes connection and community.  Contribute to a healthier and happier world.

Values: Arial Starr's compass includes love, integrity, empathy, spirit, and inner wisdom. 

Shane Carpenter, PT DPT, CMT, CLC 

Hey There.. Thanks for checking out Arial Starr.. Here's a little info on my background and what I do.. On paper, my credentials read that I am a physical therapist, a life coach, and a massage therapist.. But how does that really help you? 

My goal is to use creativity and healthy movement as modalities to help you overcome physical or emotional blocks that could be preventing you from living your best life.  After spending nearly 2 decades doing hands-on work as a massage therapist and physical therapist, it's become clear that treating just the physical-body was not quite enough.  So many of my clients with chronic pain were not achieving the best outcomes over the long-term..and it was so obvious that things going in their life outside of just the injury were not helping their pain.  

After enduring my own experiences with 2 back surgeries over a 4-year time span, I started to draw some pretty clear connections between chronic pain and injury with maladaptive movement, lifestyle patterns, and thought patterns ... all which contributed to my own injury experience. 

I realized through my own healing journey that blending coaching, written word, art and creative process with my physical therapy program was providing a much more holistic approach my recovery process. I realized that slowing down to examine (and correct) the multiple contributing factors that lead up to my injury was something that I missed after the 1st back surgery, and needed to take seriously. 

Through this healing journey, I have created Arial Starr, a company dedicated to inspiring change through the choice of love. I wrote my first book/ collection of short stories: Dream Big, Live Large, Love More, 15 Lessons Learned: Memoirs from a Truck Driver’s Daughter as a springboard for this new avenue of work.  

Coming soon is "My Healing Journey" ... a guided journal that can be used in adjunct with traditional healing during a recovery process...