Int-eg-rity (n).

Before the holidays I took some time to sit down and reflect about the word integrity (see derivations and definitions above). My interest in the word really came from thinking clearly about what I envisioned for the upcoming year, and for some reason, integrity was the word that came to mind the most.  Here's why.. How often, for how many years, have I bargained with my life dreams and goals, putting them on hold or at least the back burner so that I could 'make money' at my day job. After all,  the bills have to get paid somehow right? Here's the thing though.. when your day job depletes you, physically causes pain in your body, or the institution you work for requires things that you feel are not 'integrous' with your belief system, your body's tolerance or your health, then you have a problem. 

Sure.. I get it.. We all have to do a bit of the daily grind and juggle to help us achieve our dreams. In my case though, I physically had blown out my previously repaired disc in my low back whilst transferring a patient with 2 other nurses. I had done everything right that I could for the situation, yet, it still happened. Sometimes we have to look at the signs from the universe and accept that change is inevitable. So as I move forwards into 2018, I am making sure that each and everything that I am doing feels right for my body, my mind, and putting the care into how I earn a living. 

Integrity is something I feel we as a culture need to consider more carefully on both a personal and a global level.. it relates to how we treat the environment, our families, our bodies... so many things. Truly looking forwards to growing Arial Starr from this place in my heart and integrating my physical therapy practices in the same way. 

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Traven - February 21, 2018

Shane (Arial) INTEGRITY is a most significant human attribute that is much missed in our society today. Many years ago I started racing big sailboats and when I bought a new state of the art racing yacht my crew kidded me that I took things too “seriously”. I told them that we would name our new boat’ Integrity’ because I felt that personal integrity was the basis of a serious life. With INTEGRITY we won Boat of the Year in that racing season. Ann sent us your book and although not a young lady, I am enjoying it immensely. Fresh and honest.
Traven WW II veteran

    arialstarr2 - February 22, 2018

    Thank you Traven.. Really appreciate your story and support. What kind of boat were you racing? Life has changed dramatically for me by shifting my priorities to focus on this important concept. Thanks again, and thank you for your service to our country also <3

      Traven - February 23, 2018

      Ariel.. I had a Ranger 33 which was designed for the yacht racing rules.
      Thank you for your response.
      No need to “thank me for my “service”. Sixteen million of us did it because we had to. We were neither ‘patriots’ nor ‘heroes’. We were just citizens who had to and wanted to get home alive. We were attacked by the land, sea, and air armadas of three powerful nations not the cardboard cutter knives and AK 47’s of disenchanted individuals. We won that war in three and one half years not 16 years we have been fooled into fighting a war on an idea “terror”.. Our government today wants our citizens to say that phrase as a mind bender to imply you endorse their plans for perpetual war.
      WAR IS A RACKET book by Marine General Smedly Butler

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