Life Is Precious..

This last month has been filled with several reminders of how precious our time here on Earth truly is. So often, I find myself getting swept up in the action steps of how to move forwards with my health, my career, my marriage.. It’s dizzying some days how quickly my head is bouncing from one topic to the next, taking for granted while making these plans for my future that the people, animals, and comforts that I am assuming are ‘stable’ or ‘stationary’ will be there too.

Three weeks ago, my husband and I were in the mix of making a decision about moving or staying in San Diego, accepting or not accepting new jobs, and arguing about some trivial thing pertaining to the infestation of ants in our kitchen, when the shoe dropped. My dog Buster came down with a unilateral nose bleed, which lead to a veterinary scavenger hunt to figure out what was wrong.. ending in a lung cancer diagnosis. On the same day, a very close family member received ominous news that she had a large cancerous tumor growing inside after a scary trip to the ER. And then, a day later, a colleague of mine dropped dead from a heart attack while mountain biking with his family. EVERYTHING can change sooooooo very fast.

My husband and I put the brakes on the moving, the job search, and had to get very clear about what we intended for our eldest dog’s remainder of life. I had to realize that he, and my family member(s), and myself are not immortal. I realized that all the chaos that we can create inadvertently needs to be slowed, or managed at least. This month, as autumn has crept in, another summer has gone by, and the realization that life is so very precious, I have been reminded of 2 things:

1) Don’t take for granted the loved ones in your life..have gratitude for the time you get to be here with them. We are given this beautiful life, and it can so quickly be cluttered with non-important things that take us away from our soul purpose and our intention to love.

2) Live your life from a place of happiness…Life is way too short to live in anger, fear, resentment, if only I ‘did’ x, y, or z.. Or, the ‘I’ll be happy when _______’

I took a moment to ask myself, ‘Am I truly happy’? and when I thought about it, my answer was mixed. Recovering from an injury, embarking on a career shift/ change, being overwhelmed with ‘how is this all going to come together and work’ thoughts had taken me away from the ‘big picture’. I was seeking happiness in a situation down the road, and not living in the moment. Happiness for me these days comes down to the simplest things: live with love, live in the moment, honor and cherish the little things or people in your life that bring joy.. whether that is a walk on the beach with your dog, or simply saying hello to the cashier at the grocery store that you’ve known for years. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Unfortunately, our culture in the United States is not built on moving slowly, and taking things in, and having gratitude for simplicity and love. Trying to slow things down and live with this intention is often is met with resistance as survival these days practically demands speed. Living from a place of simple joy is a choice that isn’t always supported by our external environments. Nonetheless, I invite you this month on Shine-Your-Light Day to take a few moments to honor your loved ones in your life, and to reflect on what brings you joy and happiness.

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