Reflections From July’s Shine Your Light Day

With my first month of Shine Your Light Day underway, I wanted to take a minute and check in about my 2 minutes of unplugged connected time that I experienced this morning.

​Scattered at 7:56am

One would think that taking 2 planned minutes of solitude wouldn't be that difficult.. After all I'm off work recovering from back surgery right now, and my husband was off work today too. I had woken up later than normal this morning, and in anticipation of taking 2 minutes off the grid had set an alarm on my phone.. (yes I am aware of the irony of that).

Unexpected Obstacle

At 8AM, my husband and I sat together in our combined office space with our electronics and phones set to the side. My eldest dog Buster supported me by curling up by my feet. And then my youngest dog.. Milo... decided to shine his 1 year-old puppy light by grabbing 2 of his bones simultaneously in his mouth, and forcefully and LOUDLY started grinding his cuspids on them.  His puppyhood couldn’t have been orchestrated more perfectly with the exact moment that I was trying to be intentional and quiet.


My husband was impervious to the noise, while I was acutely aware of the bone-gnawing annoyance. I quickly popped up from my chair and tried to scoot the bones away from Milo to the other side of the room. He responded swiftly by recovering them and starting again.


I had to accept it. He was shining his light, bone chewing noises and all. With just 2 minutes ticking by, I wasn’t about to lose my focus because of his innocent puppy behavior. What a perfect lesson to learn in the first few seconds of Shine Your Light Day.


I surrendered to acceptance, took a deep breath and got grounded. I spent the rest of the first minute honoring my inner light, allowing myself to explore this new business path and calling that I am naming Arial Starr. As I sat, I suddenly got a flood of energy that came to me from friends and family around the world. I felt complete joy that I knew there were others holding these exact 2 minutes of peaceful space together. It was incredible, I could literally feel and see faces of friends and loved ones joining me.. and, as hoped, I felt united.

Stand Together With Love

The second minute of focused intention and meditation I spent sending love to the children and families that have been separated at our borders. Being unable to have children of my own, I am sure there is no real way of knowing the feelings that these mothers and fathers are experiencing being torn from their children. I only can imagine the fear and trauma these children are faced with. Immigration is such a complex issue, but for me, I feel that it is abominable that this human and children's rights issue has occurred on our soil. 

Please Share... 

For those of you who were able to join in for the first Shine Your Light Day this morning, thank you for honoring your soul and inner light together. For those who weren’t able to make it this morning, I encourage you to take time still to take 2 minutes of quiet unplugged downtime today (or any other day). If practicing Shine Your Light Day on the 9th of each month doesn’t jive with your schedule, I would suggest that starting your own version of this practice that feels more fluid for you could be an excellent way to band your friends and family together. 

See You Next Month, August 9th, 2018.

Thanks again, and look forward to sharing 2 minutes again next month, on August 9th, 2018 at 8AM PST/11AM EST. Please share your experience for today in the comments below if you feel inspired to do so. 

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